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Happy New Year!

Train Departed: 7:06 (on time!)
Train Arrived: 8:03 (due 8:03 – cause for celebration – although there were very few people on the train today!)
Notable Train Events: Not a great deal!
Knitting: The Second Sock – almost down to the pesky heel!!!

Nothing much to tell you about train travel lately.  The holiday period is really messing with my stories.  Not to worry – I am sure once January is over I’ll be back to the joy of train travel.

However I can tell you that as I raced to get my 5:04 train last night (I almost missed it), I was immediately thankful because I got several SMSs telling me of Major Delays on my line!  Phew – lucky I got that train or I would have still been waiting there for another hour or more!

No new stories – so a little bit of history for you today!

This time last year…..

There used to be a guy who boarded the train about half-way along my journey.  Each day he would board the train carrying his VB stubby (a small bottle of Victoria Bitter beer for those of you who don’t know what a VB stubby is!).  VB-Man was never any trouble – he would  get on, sit and drink his stubby and he always placed it in the bin when he got off at the other end.

One particular day late last summer, I had the pleasure of being joined by four train inspectors for part of my journey!   They didn’t inspect anything on my train though so must have been just getting from A to B in order to inspect somewhere else.

VB Man must have drank his stubby before he got on the train, because on this day he was empty handed (just as well as you’re not supposed to drink alcohol on the train).  He gets on,  nudges past the inspectors and takes a seat, all the while smiling and cackling to himself.  He continues giggling, and smiling, and repeatedly turns to smile and nod to the regular passengers.  Eventually he was so happy with himself he was pretty much laughing out loud.

The inspectors, who were standing by the carriage doors, were talk amongst themselves and not really taking any notice of VB Man who was still very cheerful!  They eventually alighted from the train a couple of stations further down.

VB Man – laughed hysterically, turned  to us all in the carriage and said….

“F!*&! that was close……I don’t have a F!*&ing  ticket!

Was hysterical – no wonder he was so pleased with himself!


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Merry Christmas Everyone

Stay safe, take advantage of free train travel NYE after 6 pm and I’ll see you in 2009!

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