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Somebody shoot me….

(no piccies yet – to be added later…)

I”m sick!

My 13 y.o Little Man is sick.

We have between us I suspect, only limited ability to breathe given that we have coughed up the entire contents of our chest cavities for the past week (me) and the past month (Little Man).

What is wrong you may well ask?


(This is not a good time to get me started on  other kids’ immunisations or lack thereof….)

It’s horrible.  We’ve coughed so much that we’ve vomited, fallen over, wet our collectivepants and almost worse! Our heads ache, our noses are running, and I am having a hard time keeping clean bed linen up to the beds and tissues in the garbage.  It’s cost a fortune in doctors, pharmacists, blood tests, and yicky nasal swab things, lemonade, cough lollies, ice-cream, strepsils and the like!

Little Man hasn’t been to school in three weeks (thank goodness for holidays today!) and I’ve missed a week of work (end of financial year anyone???).

And the worst thing – SnB tomorrow and I can’t go 😦

I’m not infectious anymore, but to be safe I’ll stay away for just a bit longer.  I’ve an interview for a promotion on Monday and I don’t want to have to ring in ‘still’ sick!  AND I’d HATE for anyone to feel as bad as I have felt this week, so I will save you all from my company as much as I will miss you!

Just so the SnB regulars know though…

There was some discussion last time that I had way too many projects started…so for the record, since we last met:

I finished the candle flame shawl, the bamboo/cotton baby blanket,  started and finished the origami bolero and the twisted drop stitch vest from Jo Sharp – Knit 7 as gifts (started and am now 2/3 the way through another twisted drop stitch vest for me), started and finished 2 berets, a cowl, and a good chunk of the throw rug I started the day we met last time!  I”ve put a few more hours into the Voyagers 1 AND 2  AND I picked up a crochet hook and had a play – quite successfully too I might add.

I haven’t picked up the cricket vest though – but I have some time up my sleeve for that one!

I dearly hope you don’t think I’ve been slacking off friends 😉

See you next time 😉

Oh and for those of you in the city – my two Jo Sharp items are on display at Morris and Sons in Melbourne 😉



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