WIPs and Trains

Long time – no blog.

Lots of stuff happening.

I’m knitting THIS out of THIS on the train at the moment.  It’s a ‘commission’ for MOTH’s ex-wife’s boss’s sister in India! (How’s that for confusing?)  What a mouthful!  It’s another Voyager Lace Stole but looks totally different in the 100% cotton yarn. 

Voyager Lace Stole - in Luxury Soft 4 ply cotton from Sirdar

Voyager Lace Stole - in Luxury Soft 4 ply cotton from Sirdar

I’m also knitting Enroule from THIS BOOK out of THIS at home.  I’ve finished 4 of 6 repeats and then I have to do a pesky kitchener graft – hmmm a bit scared of that one.  I will however face my fears and see how I go.  The original pattern called for a provisional cast on – but I decided to try Judy’s magic cast on and see if it works.  Will be interesting to see how it looks finished.  Provisional cast ons and fuzzy Alpaca yarn are not really friendly….know what I mean?

Enroule - from Woolly Wormhead in Bendigo Woollen Mills Alpaca in Dusty Coral

Enroule - from Woolly Wormhead in Bendigo Woollen Mills Alpaca in Dusty Coral


I’ve finished the first toe up sock – just waiting to see if I am allowed to post a piccie – I LOVE this way of knitting socks – no picking up stitches, no messy toes, LOVE LOVE LOVE!  I may never knit a cuff down sock again.  It took me so long, because for some reason I developed a really nasty case of dermatitis on my hands – I’m not sure if it might be the dye in the yarn….I hope not – it’s GORGEOUS and so soft to knit with.

13 rows of rib to finish teh cuff adn my first toe up sock is done.  Drach Socks from Wired for Fibre in Olivia Cashmerino

13 rows of rib to finish the cuff and my first toe up sock is done. Drach Socks soon to be available from Wired for Fibre - knitted in Olivia Cashmerino - GORGEOUS yarn

I’ve discovered the magnificent cowl and I’m intent on knitting one or two of these before it starts to get too cold here in Melbourne!  Scarves are great (and I have many) but sometimes they just get in the way!  Cowls offer no floppy ends to have to keep re-adjusting when they blow away, or to have fall in your coffee/soup/lasagne, whatever!!

A couple of funny incidences on the train lately.

Firstly, a couple of weeks ago, I was quietly sock-knitting (the toe up sock – 2 circulars) on my way home when I noted a gentleman (late 50s perhaps) watching me very closely.  I didn’t think too much about it until he got out his mobile phone and TOOK MY PICTURE!!!!!!  Are knitters really that much of a peculiarity?

 Secondly, I’m often asked to stop knitting when someone sits next to me, and mostly I just pretend I don’t hear (I’m wearing headphones you see).  One day last week, a woman sat next to me (I was already knitting) and she puffed and panted, huffed and wriggled, dug around in her handbag, encroached on my personal space and finally elbowed me, and asked me to stop.  I said no of course – I was there before she was.

Oh and for the record.  Trains are late.  Always.  What’s new?  I’ve given up complaining about it – nothing changes.



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Knitters Unite!!!!

We are taking over the world – one train at a time…there were TWO….yes read that again…TWO other knitters on my train this evening.

My dream of a ‘crafting only’ carriage may be closer than I think!


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I’ve been kniting hats – see previous post – but this past week I’ve knitted two berets (the Meret – Mystery Beret) designed by the queen of all things head-topping here

Bendigo Woollen Mills Cameo in Cherry - a little more "cherry" and a little less 'fire engine' than in this picture :)

Bendigo Woollen Mills Cameo in Cherry - a little more "cherry" and a little less 'fire engine' than in this picture 🙂

I have also started to knit a fabulous sideways knit beret called Enroule by the same designer in gorgeous Alapaca in a rose colour from Bendigo Woollen Mills – obtained on my visit there last week with my son.

Here he is on the vertical slide at Bendigo Discovery Centre…


And with a couple of pals at the Golden Dragon Museum.


And here is the head of Loong – the oldest Chinese dragon in the world…you can read some of his history here at the museum website. LHM loved it there 😉


I also picked up some yarn for his cricket vest and a few other lovelies also!  The wool for the berets was Cameo a lovely wool/Angora mix.

Will upload piccies tonight  🙂 Done!

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I could, but I wont…

Show you a picture of my toe-up progress! Magnificent (even if I do say so myself)!

The yarn is lovely – Wired For Fibre, Olivia Cashmerino in a gorgeous blue-green colourway!  Luxuriously soft to knit and beautifully dyed!

My son loves the pattern in these socks (thinks they look like dragon scales) – and being a bit of a fan of all things dragon-y, wants a pair for himself – but he wants them to start red at the toes – go through orange and end up yellow!!!!    Not that he’s being overly specific or anything – anyone know any yarn that sounds like that?  Otherwise I might have to get a custom dye job!!!

I am so enjoying the toe-up method, no pesky picking up stitches along the side of the gusset, only two needles to cope with (not that I really minded four at all!)  AND you have the added bonus of never worrying if you have enough yarn to get to the toe – you can just keep on knitting till you run out – especially if you’re using one skein per sock – of course you will need to take care for the first sock .

Have a go at toe-up if you’ve not done so already – you will wonder why you haven’t!

On the train this morning – I think I hypnotised the lady next to me she was watching me knit so intensly.  Mesmerising was the word she used – I call it meditiation!  I’ve been getting  a much earlier train – it runs express for a good part of the way and so my train journey is just an hour!  I am going to get this train al the time now – it’s much more reasonable….oh but before I forget…It didn’t run yesterday!  D’oh!

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Before Our Time


A new blog find….

Before Our Time – A Simpler Life aims to explore the simplicities of life pre-1970 (o h I remember those days with much fondness).  Their latest post concerns crafting our way out of difficult economic times (hey even I’ve committed to ‘handmade’ this year!) and makes interesting reading for those of us who crave the ‘simple times’.

They’re also having a giveaway of a gorgeous crocheted scarf  and I covet it so please take yourself over there for a good read.

You know I’d be interested to know if our mothers thought the pre-70s were as ‘simple’ as we remember.  I do remember most of my clothes being sewn by mum, handknits and macrame potplant holders, but I also remember difficult financial times and lots of mince-meals.  I suspect our mothers don’t recall those times as ‘simple’.  I might have to ‘interview’ my mother to find out!

There is a part of me that would LOVE to be at home to make breakfast and take the kid to school, and be home each night to help with homework, but there is also a part of me that loves the evil mortgage, being able to buy the stuff to craft and make things – it’s a vicious circle and I really admire those women with the strength and courage to do it!

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Toe Up Socks

I think I’m converted.  I may never knit a cuff down sock again.

There will be a fitting  memorial for my DPNs this weekend also.

Over and out (for now).


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Felted/Fulled Hat No. 2

Aspire Naturally - 70 /30 Wool Alpaca Blend

Aspire Naturally - 70 /30 Wool Alpaca Blend

This is hat number 2.  I’ve made the brim a little wider, and the crown flatter and less rounded – but in between washings – I played with the shape quite a bit – you can get LOTS of differet shapes if you play with and mould the wet object!

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