Knitty Woman’s Lexicon

The Offsider – A vision of Bollywood gorgeousness who shares a cubicle of drab grey government bureaucracy! 

PKP – Prime Knitting Position – generally on the right-hand side of the carriage, facing forward in a 4 seat bay, window seat.  Alternatively on the left-hand side, facing backwards in a window seat.  I prefer to travel facing forward.

Knitting Lifeline – I came across this tip on a webpage (Crazy Aunt Purl) and it works wonders although I dont know if the effect was physical or psychological!  When knitting lace and you’re worried about having to reverse-knit at any time, when you get to a point where you know the pattern is correct, using a needle and thread, place a length of yarn through the stitches on the needle before you knit the next row (don’t remove the stitches from the needle though!), so that if you do make an error further on, you only have to reverse knit back to where the lifeline is.  Cool eh?  Works a treat!

The Little Princess – My beloved’s dear daughter – aged 9.  Say no more 🙂

Second Sock Syndrome – Is a serious affliction which affects sock knitters to the extent that  after finishing the first sock – they are unable to complete the second sock to make a pair.  Laura has an idea of how to cure it!  If you’re really desperately suffering….you can try this!

LHMLittlest House Member.  Until I shacked up with MOTH – this used to be true!  Now it’s not so true but people are used to me calling him that.  LHM is my 12-year old son (almost 13 thank-you-very-much!).

MOTH – Man-of-the-House.  Musician, Producer, Antagonist, closet-lover-of my-craftiness (he’ll never admit to liking the things I make).