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Paddlepop Socks

So named because they look like rainbow paddlepops 🙂

WendyKnits - Ribbed Ribbon Socks - from "Socks from the Toe Up"

WendyKnits - Ribbed Ribbon Socks - from "Socks from the Toe Up"

Knitted from Morris and Sons “Empire” 4 ply in this yummy rainbow colourway 🙂  Both socks look slightly different – so these are definitnely fraternal 🙂

The 10-yo recipient loved them though and that’s all that matters.

I loved this pattern – Wendy Johnson writes very plainly and simply.  The instructions were a joy to follow. 

Not bad for only my second pair of toe-up socks 😉



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Toe Up Socks

I think I’m converted.  I may never knit a cuff down sock again.

There will be a fitting  memorial for my DPNs this weekend also.

Over and out (for now).


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And now back to our scheduled programming…

I”ve been out of sorts – understandably, but I’m back today with some piccies of  a few ‘little’ things I’ve done lately, and a short train story for you at the end !  Thanks everyone for all your lovely messages – I’ve really appreciated your concern and your support!

Socks…I’m addicted (as everyone said I would be) AND I’m about to embark on the toe-up adventure…stay tuned for the outcome of that!

These are three pairs I’ve completed lately, the red ones are the same as the first ever socks, knitted from sensational bright red – 4 ply Shepherd machine-washable baby merino!  Gorgeously soft and the stitch pattern is really great in the plain colour.

From Getting Started Knitting Socks

From Getting Started Knitting Socks

The ‘odd socks” are made from Grignaso Strong Print – and the recipient asked for odd socks so I didn’t worry at all about stripe matching!   


The white socks are made from the Mockery Socks Pattern from Wired for Fibre and again knitted from Patons Dreamtime in 4 ply.  Lovely squishy and soft socks for The Little Princess.

<cokery Socks - Wired for Fibre

I also love this particular beanie.  I can knit one in a day on the way to and from work – the pattern is VERY simple but the outcome is lovely!  I’ve knitted many of these but have pictures of three of them for you to see 😉




The green one I can’t recall what I knitted it from, the other two are made from Cleckheaton Kaleidoscope and as the hat is knitted sideways – the colour variations really stripe up nicely!  I love these!  To make them smaller or bigger I just change the needle size and the thickness of the yarn…..I always cast on the same amount of stitches 😉  Simple!

I’ve also just finished knitting a hat that is to  be felted – pictures of that soon!  I hope it works out OK!

And just so you know I’m back to “normal”…a train story for you!

Yesterday on my way home from work – I failed to score the PKP, however I did manage a seat that allowed me to knit “almost freely” so I pulled out my sock and started to knit. 

At the next station, a gentleman sat in the seat opposite to me ( let’s call him Darth Vader – man he breathed/snuffled  the loudest I’ve ever heard!) but annoying as that was, that really wasn’t the issue.   More accurately, I could have called him Mr-Extremely-Smelly- Feet!  As soon as he sat down, he decided that for HIS COMFORT (and obviously no one else’s) he would slip his shoes off under his seat and settle back for a nice relaxing trip home – ALL THE WAY TO MY STATION AT THE END OF THE LINE!!!!



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Holidays are a good thing…

And it’s a good thing I have this week off.  Not only is it going to be a week of incredibly high temperatures (even for Melbourne), but already today the three train choices I have for getting to work were all cancelled this morning. 

There have been many news articles this week and I’ve been a bit slack and not posted them all, but here is today’s effort – rehashing why our system will not hold up to the heat!!!

On a much crazier note – I’ve promised to take my son to Luna Park on Wednesday!!!!  I plan on going VERY early and being home before the top temperatures are reached.  I don’t “do” amusement park rides, so I will be sure to take some knitting, find some shade and a cool drink and wait while the boy and his friends ‘freak out!”

I’ve almost finished the second pair of socks – bright red 100%merino 4 ply.  They’re lovely, but at the moment I seem to have misplaced the first of this pair……

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