Time Flies….

I started a new job in June…a promotion…so time has gotten away from me a bit.  I’m still madly knitting (and now crocheting – TA DA!) on the train daily, and have finished a couple of pairs of socks and a baby blanket or two since I last posted.

Today I plan to park my derriere firmly on the couch in front of the football and knit new socks.

I picked up this book   by Wendy Johnson from a LYS and it cost me an absolute fortune – probably 4 times as much as I could have bought it from Amazon, so I have decided I am going to knit EVERY pattern in the book!  I’m two down….lots to go!  (Actually I could have bought 3 books from Amazon for the price I paid for this in Aus!)

But having said all that – the book is great – the patterns very simlpe to follow, the photgraphy is lovely, and the pages with other useful techniques very valuable – LOVE LOVE LOVE the sewn bind off!!  So all in all, worth the dollars I think!

ORganic Baby Blanket - Rowan Purelife in Parsely, Horsetail and Alder Buckthorn
Organic Baby Blanket – Rowan Purelife in Parsely, Horsetail and Alder Buckthorn

This is the crocheted baby blanket.  My first ever crochet project and my first ever baby gift finished BEFORE the baby is born!  Yay me!

This is a really lovely yarn, soft and warm and perfect for the blankie.  The colours are soft and muted and yarn is perfect for the environmentally aware mum 🙂  Mum to be was really wrapt in it (scuse the pun!)!

From the label:


This eco-responsible organic wool yarn keeps nature pure and life good for the farmers who make their living from the earth.

The Rowan Organic Wool is grown in an environmentally and socially responsible way from sheep grazed on land free from pesticides and chemical fertilisers the Rowan Organic Wool yarn conforms to EU regulation 2092/91 for organic farming practices.

The Rowan Organic Wool is cleaned and processed in an environmentally friendly way and then dyed with natural sustainable plant dyes producing no toxic effluent.

Rowan Organic Wool is coloured with plant dyes and due to their organic nature some shade variation may occur, this simply adds to the yarn’s unique inherent beauty.

Think green knit clean!



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2 responses to “Time Flies….

  1. oh, the blanket turned out lovely! too bad we won’t get to see it next meet, if you’ve already given it 😦

  2. M

    Those are lovely colours on the baby blanket. I think that is the hardest thing – the colours. Oh and the pattern.

    I’ve declared 2009 as The Year of Crochet. Haven’t picked up knitting needles yet.

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