A Finished Object to Share :)

– from Jo Sharp – Knit 7 – The Origami Bolero…in the recommended colours…except for one which I subbed out for Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in a lovely mauve.

This still needs to be blocked etc, but I got the lucky recipient to try it on – she loved it.

 Origami Bolero 5

I also finished the hard going candle flame shawl…..sorry no pics yet 🙂  The baby balnket is going along fine (almost 2/3 done) and I’m trying to decide what to start for Wimble-Knit….



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2 responses to “A Finished Object to Share :)

  1. looks lovely – was that the wool you were buying at M&S?

    nice choice of colours

  2. Love the bolero, it is gorgeous. You certainly had a very interesting mother’s day, glad that it all turned out okay in the end. My 14yo plays soccer, I am glad, as it is (supposed to be) non-contact. One week he was playing defence against a rather large U16, he clipped the heels of an opponent and the opponent grabbed DS by the shirt front, took a swing at him but fortunately missed. I wasn’t there, but on hearing about the incident I was enraged. I can only imagine what you must have felt and applaud you for your restraint in not running onto the field.

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