Back to train whinging!

Last Thursday I was fortunate enough to be able to work from home….and today I had a big report to read and comment upon so I worked from home as well.

Probably just as well…

Before my usual train time on both days I got the ever-helpful SMSs from Connex telling me trains would be delayed – medical emergencies, signal failures, police requests, everything except the dog ate the trainline!

My sometimes travelling companions told me that it took them over two hours to get in to the city today – what is supposed to be a 1-hour-five-minute journey (but most days is abotu 1-hour-twenty-minute)….

I am so glad I’ve a fabulous workplace!

 *insert overwhleming feeling of gratitude*


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One response to “Back to train whinging!

  1. M

    I often think it would be lovely to catch the train to work so I could read/knit/crochet but then I am reminded of delays and cancellations and am grateful that I must drive. Mind you that peak hour traffic …

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