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Knitters Unite!!!!

We are taking over the world – one train at a time…there were TWO….yes read that again…TWO other knitters on my train this evening.

My dream of a ‘crafting only’ carriage may be closer than I think!



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I’ve been kniting hats – see previous post – but this past week I’ve knitted two berets (the Meret – Mystery Beret) designed by the queen of all things head-topping here

Bendigo Woollen Mills Cameo in Cherry - a little more "cherry" and a little less 'fire engine' than in this picture :)

Bendigo Woollen Mills Cameo in Cherry - a little more "cherry" and a little less 'fire engine' than in this picture 🙂

I have also started to knit a fabulous sideways knit beret called Enroule by the same designer in gorgeous Alapaca in a rose colour from Bendigo Woollen Mills – obtained on my visit there last week with my son.

Here he is on the vertical slide at Bendigo Discovery Centre…


And with a couple of pals at the Golden Dragon Museum.


And here is the head of Loong – the oldest Chinese dragon in the world…you can read some of his history here at the museum website. LHM loved it there 😉


I also picked up some yarn for his cricket vest and a few other lovelies also!  The wool for the berets was Cameo a lovely wool/Angora mix.

Will upload piccies tonight  🙂 Done!

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I could, but I wont…

Show you a picture of my toe-up progress! Magnificent (even if I do say so myself)!

The yarn is lovely – Wired For Fibre, Olivia Cashmerino in a gorgeous blue-green colourway!  Luxuriously soft to knit and beautifully dyed!

My son loves the pattern in these socks (thinks they look like dragon scales) – and being a bit of a fan of all things dragon-y, wants a pair for himself – but he wants them to start red at the toes – go through orange and end up yellow!!!!    Not that he’s being overly specific or anything – anyone know any yarn that sounds like that?  Otherwise I might have to get a custom dye job!!!

I am so enjoying the toe-up method, no pesky picking up stitches along the side of the gusset, only two needles to cope with (not that I really minded four at all!)  AND you have the added bonus of never worrying if you have enough yarn to get to the toe – you can just keep on knitting till you run out – especially if you’re using one skein per sock – of course you will need to take care for the first sock .

Have a go at toe-up if you’ve not done so already – you will wonder why you haven’t!

On the train this morning – I think I hypnotised the lady next to me she was watching me knit so intensly.  Mesmerising was the word she used – I call it meditiation!  I’ve been getting  a much earlier train – it runs express for a good part of the way and so my train journey is just an hour!  I am going to get this train al the time now – it’s much more reasonable….oh but before I forget…It didn’t run yesterday!  D’oh!

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