Before Our Time


A new blog find….

Before Our Time – A Simpler Life aims to explore the simplicities of life pre-1970 (o h I remember those days with much fondness).  Their latest post concerns crafting our way out of difficult economic times (hey even I’ve committed to ‘handmade’ this year!) and makes interesting reading for those of us who crave the ‘simple times’.

They’re also having a giveaway of a gorgeous crocheted scarf  and I covet it so please take yourself over there for a good read.

You know I’d be interested to know if our mothers thought the pre-70s were as ‘simple’ as we remember.  I do remember most of my clothes being sewn by mum, handknits and macrame potplant holders, but I also remember difficult financial times and lots of mince-meals.  I suspect our mothers don’t recall those times as ‘simple’.  I might have to ‘interview’ my mother to find out!

There is a part of me that would LOVE to be at home to make breakfast and take the kid to school, and be home each night to help with homework, but there is also a part of me that loves the evil mortgage, being able to buy the stuff to craft and make things – it’s a vicious circle and I really admire those women with the strength and courage to do it!


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  1. Hi Knitty Woman! So great that you found our blog.

    Your thoughts about whether life before our time was in fact so simple are completely true…and that’s why we have the ? after ‘a simple life’. It’s easy with the distance of time to get all nostalgic about how things were, and forget about the hardship…like outdoor dunnies! At the same time, there’s a lot to be learned from the past.

    Hope you continue to enjoy our blog.

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