The second sock!

I took the last bit of the second sock to cricket on Saturday morning.

It was freezing,  and one of the other mothers who was suffering from the cold so much she had her feet in the bag her chair transports in, took the first sock and put it on one foot and asked me to hurry up with the second one so her other foot would be warm!  I finished it and she then sat cosily with socks on feet for the rest of the game.  I told her to keep them!

So then today I had to start a new pair!

I’m knitting the same pattern (Seed Rib Socks – from Getting Started Knitting Socks) in  a plain colour so that I can see the pattern.  They’re bright red – so they will take some courage to wear!

Pic when there’s something to see!


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One response to “The second sock!

  1. Cat

    Oh I would love to see some picture’s of you’re socks and I hope to see you again.
    Cheers Cat.

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