Kosky Rides the Rails…

Soooooooo, our Minister for transport, Ms Kosky caught the train home last night….to Williamstown.  Video here.


I invite Ms Kosky to catch the train to Cranbourne with me one EXCRUCIATINGLY HOT summer day during the afternoon peak!

We’ll go to Parliament, (not far from her extremely comfortable offices probably), where we will NOT even be able to board any of the overcrowded trains between 4 and 4.45 pm and then we will crack the sh!ts and walk to Flinders Street Station where if we’re really fortunate, we will get a seat on the 5:04 pm train to Cranbourne (which incidentally will leave Flinders St at around 5:15) unless of course it left one minute early (still ‘on time’ according to international standards!).

We will travel through the city loop, where people will abuse each other (sometimes resorting to actual violence) trying to get on the train (especially at the aforementioned Parliament Station). Those lucky enough to be able to board the train, will scour at those with seats as if they are not entitled to a seat at all intimating that they should move and allow them to sit!

It will continue along liek that through the south’east until we reach Cranbourne…probably an hour and a half (or longer) from whence we commenced our journey!

I’ll teach her to knit!  That should help with her stress levels!


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