Don’t get me started….1, 2 and 3~


Train travel in the mornings has been kind of okay since returning to work after the Christmas break.
Today, seeing as it was so hot, I opted to walk to the station through arcades and alleys, down under Degreaves Street (EVERYONE SHOULD GO THERE!) and got to the station early enough to get the train before my usual one! This should have been a good thing….but

No sooner had I settled myself ( too hot for knitting) with the mX and a pen for the sudoku, did the smses start!

Cancellations and delays all over the network and by 5.30, three lines suspended. I can just imagine the turmoil at the station behind me!

What is it about extreme col, extreme wet, heat, special events, that throw our public transport system into complete and utter chaos? I’ll never know.

Unfortunately, more of the same tomorrow I bet!


Mister Multi-level-marketing-guy who corners poor unsuspecting FEMALE students on the train, asking about dreams and ambitions, then trying to sell his particular brand of wealth and happiness…stop for a minute…and think about how you would like it if it was YOUR DAUGHTER being accosted by a complete stranger on her way home from uni! You should be ashamed of yourself!


To the young imbecile that threw the half empty gass bottle of soft drink out of the window of your car – it hit my car, almost smashing the headlight AND damaging the paintwork on the boonnet of my car!!! It’s probably $1000 damage….call me – perhaps you’d like to pay for it!

Number two and three…If I had a picture – I’d send you to this guy!!!


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