Ta da!

Give a Hoot Mittens

Give a Hoot Mittens

I finished these as a gift for my friend Marg and they are so cute I just had to share them with you!  Here you can see the Give a Hoot mittens very ably modelled by the Little Princess.  Can you see the little eyes peeking back at you?

They were the very first mittens I’ve ever knitted but so easy to knit – you can get the free pattern here.

They were very well-received and I think there will be a few more pairs made throughout theyear this year 🙂


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  1. Judy Blakely

    WoW!! Great blog!

    Thanks for the link to Hoot mittens, they are lovely! I am going to make a pair for MYSELF!! I finally found a pattern worthy of my handspun yarns (angora bunny and wool blends). Thanks,
    aka Hoot
    aka WeaverWitch

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