A Secret

I have some knitting to show you – but I can’t show you today…..there are recipients lurking….


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  1. dizzylizzybee

    I just had to stop by and say hi. You left me a message through your other blog, and I followed the links to this one. I’ve just stopped working in Melbourne about a month back, and I just ADORE not having to commute anymore. I live north-west of Melbourne though, and had an hour & 20 minute commute on V-Line every morning (an hour home, apparently, although it was generally an hour & 15 minutes). I couldn’t imagine doing it on a Connex train! I was on one of the two V-Line train that were “neglected to be told” to divert, on Oaks Day, when that debarcle happened. We were stuck between North Melbourne & Footsgray for 2 HOURS.

    So revolting. And now they’re charging us MORE to leave the cars at home and use a crowded and under resourced train network.

    Go you for knitting on the commute 🙂 I managed to crochet a baby blanket, and then finish a BAP (a granny square throw to go over a king sized bed) partially on the train. (Couldn’t put it together after two rows because it was too bulky!)

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