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And Lynne Kosky says that the issues is under investment over a long period….isn’t that what has been said by many groups for weeks…….and she has denied?

I m so lucky that I am off work this week…although a little less heat would make the flul/sore throat/earache thingy I have much more bearable!

Make sure you read the readers’ comments.

Enough said.


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If you can’t battle them with brute force…

…curtail the enemy with cuteness!

Take a look at this sensational knitted armour.  Way too cute for words isnt’ it!  Born To Knit is a Swedish blog tended beautifully by Johanne and this designer incidentally has some lovely patterns now available at the Loopy Ewe.

Wendy Knits so kindly shared this unbearable gorgeousness with the knitting the world today 🙂 and I couldn’t help but pass it on to my much lesser audience too!

Enjoy !

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Holidays are a good thing…

And it’s a good thing I have this week off.  Not only is it going to be a week of incredibly high temperatures (even for Melbourne), but already today the three train choices I have for getting to work were all cancelled this morning. 

There have been many news articles this week and I’ve been a bit slack and not posted them all, but here is today’s effort – rehashing why our system will not hold up to the heat!!!

On a much crazier note – I’ve promised to take my son to Luna Park on Wednesday!!!!  I plan on going VERY early and being home before the top temperatures are reached.  I don’t “do” amusement park rides, so I will be sure to take some knitting, find some shade and a cool drink and wait while the boy and his friends ‘freak out!”

I’ve almost finished the second pair of socks – bright red 100%merino 4 ply.  They’re lovely, but at the moment I seem to have misplaced the first of this pair……

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The Milkweed Project

 Here’s an opportunity for you to contribute to an art installation! 

I can’t think of anything greater than participating in this (other than coming up with an idea like this myself!).  I love the ideas behind it, the thought of all the participants being connected with each otehr and with nature too.    

What is The Milkweed Project? 

The Milkweed Project is a collaborative art project that will culminate in a giant art installation that will create, for visitors, the feeling of being inside a Milkweed Pod (as I imagine it to be). Knit and crochet works by different artists will be hung, draped, connected, etc. to create a gallery full of thousands of soft, white stitches for visitors to walk through.

The artwork will be made of knit, spun and crochet pieces created by fiber artists and crafters from all over the world. 

Why a milkweed pod?

This project explores connection: between humans all over the world, between humans and nature and between small things and large.  By taking thousands of tiny stitches and making something huge, we are doing something that can’t be done by one person alone, thus emphasizing our connection to each other.

The project also explores our interdependence with nature.  Milkweed pods are a small but important part of the ecosystem.  They spread because of the light nature of their seeds, which are carried by the wind.  By using the internet as the wind, and each participant as a new plant, this project attempts to mimic that process. 

And, milkweed pods are simply beautiful, as is white on white and fiber craft.  I think the potential for a beautiful installation is great.

Anyone who likes to spin, knit or crochet is invited to participate in the creation of this installation!

All this info was shamelessly lifted from the artist’s website….contact directly if you’d like to particpate!

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There’s Unhappy Commuters…and….

…there’s unhappy commuters.

A little bit extreme I think…I’d be more inclined to poke someone with my 4mm bamboos!

Come to think of it….poking anyone with 4mm bamboos is pretty extreme too!

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Two hours to get home tonight but no ice-cream for me…I feel cheated. Oh and I have to mention it’s Tuesday and I finished the sock I started on Monday….on the train home tonight!

A picture is sure to follow when I can get my sock-model to sit still long enough!

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Thank Goodness for Knitting

Train Departed: 4:10 pm
Train Arrived: 5:55 (at 5:13 – 42 minutes late)
Knitting:Sock number 3 (almost half a sock – the last 10 rows of the leg and all the heel and gusseet shaping, and more than half the foot!!)
Notable Events: Signal failures, equipment faults, a heart attack, V-Line train delays, and so on and so on….

Lots of cancellations again today after yesterday’s debacle….

Connex tells us here that the reasons the weather affects the trains are:

  • the metal tracks, which can become as hot as 60°C, expand and have the potential to buckle; power outages are also common due to the multiple demands on Melbourne’s power supply
  • sun-glare affects the ability to properly see signals and station monitors;
  • fires can break out beside train lines and in timber sleepers;
  • the air conditioning units on many of our trains are only designed to operate up to 35°C and thus have the potential to fail in extreme heat;
  • the power supply to trains can fluctuate leading to faulty lights and other electrical problems; and
  • power outages are also common due to the multiple demands on Melbourne’s power supply.

It’s Summer for goodness sake – surely someone in the planning stages of building a train network in Melbourne took into account the fact that it gets warm in summer?  I lived in Adelaide for a year or two and I never heard of anything like it – and the temps get a lot hotter there than in Melbourne.  As for wooden sleepers – didn’t we pay millions of dollars not that long ago to have them all changed to concrete?

Connex’s answer was to hand out free ice-creams and bottled water to patrons at Flinders Street Station (this didn’t help the elderly woman who earlier collapsed on a train at Westall!).  This incident (along with many others) held up trains last night, and when a train stops between stations, the aircon turns off, the doors are closed and it’s like being trapped in a sealed shipping container with 150-200 of your closest friends…not pleasant – especially when one stupid woman decided it was a great time to spray herself with eau de toilette because she presumably stink s so badly she just couldn’t wait!!!

Here’s an interesting article from the Age yesterday describing some rail systems in other countries ( I think I might go live in Japan!) ….and another blaming the rail chaos on the Australian culture!

After our Transport Minister’s jolly outing on the Williamstown train the other day, the opposition spokesman on Transport decided he’d have a go too!  I’ve yet to hear/see anything about that – will hunt it down today!

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