Accidents and Illness

A couple of weeks ago, I had a bit of an accident – I feel off the train getting out at Parliament station.  My feet decided they wanted to stay on the train when the rest of me wanted to  get off.  (It would have been hilarious had it not hurt so much – AND been very embarrassing – I had visions of the train taking off with my feet still in the carriage.)

Not only did NO-ONE assist me when I fell, but people actually stepped over me!  I just can’t believe that people can be so un-caring!

To cut this part of the story short, I ended up putting my hands out to break my fall, and I’ve ended up with a bit of broken bone in my elbow joint – which stopped me knitting for a week or two – but it seems ok now – I’ve still to see a surgeon to see about getting it removed but this shouldn’t be a big deal.  The funniest part was when I went to pat the cat a few day’s later and hurt my shoulder!!!  Ended up spending a few hours at the local hospital which is when they x-ray-ed and found the broken bone!

The second part of this story relates to a young man who collapsed on my evening train about a week later.  Most people on the train assumed he was inebriated, but he was a  young, well dressed man, and didn’t SMELL like he was intoxicated.  Nobody got up to help him either when he fell to the floor of the carriage, possibly hitting his head on the way down.  I came from about 5 rows down the carriage, checked his airway, loosened his shirt and tie etc, put him in the recovery position, took his pulse etc and I had to yell at someone repeatedly to press the emergency button to get the train to stop and advise the driver to call paramedics.

He was out for a good 20 minutes until the paramedics arrived and by this time the poor chap was snoring.  Now, having been around people with epilepsy, I know that sometimes when someone has a seizure they go to sleep afterwards, but I was just amazed at how people just assumed he was drunk or something.  I don’t know what was wrong with him, but I sincerely hope that one day when it is my child – someone comes to his aid – intoxicated or not!

When did we become so judgemental?

Oh and I’m on Ravelry finally – I’m a late starter so when I’ve figure it out – I’ll list all my stuff there 🙂 

I’m “TrainKnitterinAus



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3 responses to “Accidents and Illness

  1. OMG, Tannia…I can’t believe that no one helped you! What the heck is happening with our world? Hope you’re OK. LOLing about patting the cat.

  2. dizzylizzybee

    That’s just shocking that no one helped you. I’d would be writing a letter of complaint to Connex. Although it probably would be read and put aside. Sheesh.

  3. That is disgusting, what has become of our lives if you can’t get any help when you fall. Hope your hurts are improving. Love the mittens they look great.

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