Hold on to your breakfast…..(warning!)

Train Departed: 7:06 (on time!)
Train Arrived: 8:05 (due 8:03 – 2 minutes late!)
Notable Train Events: Music, People watching!
Knitting: None – no room in my overloaded bag today!!

I chatted to a friend on the train today, so didn’t knit, read or anything.  Was nice actually to have company for at least part of the journey and listen to some music for the rest! 

For those who are interested in what I listened to today – Mary Chapin Carpenter – a mish-mash of various albums loaded onto my blackberry!  I love the stories she tells….

Being Friday and a  little earlier the train wasn’t as packed today – in fact there were still empty seats when I got to my destination.  However, this is quite unusual.  There are generally about about 50-70 people standing in the carriages I am in each morning…not good (or particularly safe either!)

I blame this overcrowding wholeheartedly for the continuous ear and throat infections I get throughout the year and as a singer, I can really do without them, especially at this time of year which is probably our busiest.

This morning, a young woman boarded the train about halfway into the journey, and stood sniffling (you already KNOW my pet hate for snifflers), she was either suffering from a cold or hayfever – difficult to tell at this time of year.  All of a sudden she let out this sneeze that would have blown the end out of a sandwich bag – gale force 5 I reckon!  BUT not only did she not cover her face, she didn’t apologise for the noticeable wetness she planted on the woman seated in front of her.  OUTRAGEOUS!!!

Going to start wearing a mask….I swear.


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