The Beauty of SMS

Train Departed: 7:34 (and 55 seconds – 2 minutes and 55 seconds late (but still on time you know!)
Train Arrived: 8:36 (due 8:26 – 10 minutes late!)
Notable Train Events: Knitting!
Knitting: Voyager Lace Stole – 11 rows of my pattern!  At this rate it will be done for Christmas!

Other than being late, the journey was reasonably uneventful today – but because the train was late, a lot of people who would usually get the train which leaves 6 minutes later, managed to hop on this one making it very crowded and uncomfortable.  I feel a little guilty knitting when other people barely have room to breathe, but it’s the knitting which keeps me from worrying that the train is late…understand?

The journey home however was another story altogether.  I knew I was in for a long ride when I got the first SMS  from Connex advising of a problem on my line….at 3:23 pm….equipment fault….at Oakleigh…then…

3:55– Major delays Pakenham/Cranbourne line due to equipment fault at Dandenong – outbound from Dandy delayed 15 minutes…. (Connex keeping you updated!)

4:18 – the 4:24 train from Flinders Street cancelled.  (Connex keeping you updated!)

4:44– Line suspended – Cranbourne Line outbound between Dandy and Cranbourne – due to an equipment fault.  Buses replacing trains, major delays expected.  (Connex keeping you updated!)

4:58– the 5:04 Cranbourne train from Flinders cancelled.  (Connex keeping you updated!)

I got on a train at 5:16 pm. (this is a timetabled train due to arrive in Cranbourne at 6:20 – we got in at 6:55!  I finally walked in my door a bit after 7:15 pm – 12 and half hours after I left home this morning.

5:27– the 5:27 Cranbourne train from Flinders – cancelled.  (Connex keeping you updated!)

5:52– Major delays Cranbourne line due to earlier equipment fault.  Trains have resumed normal operation but may be delayed by over 30 minutes.

For those of you reading who are NOT in Melbourne and don’t know about the issues we are facing with our public transport, you can read a little here, and listen to opinions from local polliesLynne Kosky, Terry Mulder and Tim Pallas !

You know I choose not to drive my car into the city each day (on the Monash Freeway) not only for the environmental reasons, but also for my sanity.If I drive I’d have to leave home at 6:00 am to have an ‘easy’ drive.  I chose train travel because I thought it would be less stressful!  I was seriously wrong.  Most days I am having to make an excuse for being late, or I look slack because I just can’t seem to get to work “early”!  It doesn’t seem to matter what time I leave home, I cannot seem to find a train that is reliable.  If I try to make a train that’s half an hour earlier, it’s half an hour late or doesn’t show at all.  If I am late, the train is on time!

I am getting seriously stressed by train travel.  I am sure it’s not meant to be that way.

Train stress is one of the reasons I knit.

When I knit, I can block out the frustration of being late for work, or late home and then worrying about feeding the family, getting exercise, doing laundry, etc.  It doesn’t make it ok, but it does stop me grinding my teeth!



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5 responses to “The Beauty of SMS

  1. Hubby was rather angry when he got home on Sunday night… technically Monday morning.

    He finished work at 10pm, got the train to come home and it then sat at Flinders Street Station for 30 minutes. Eventually it left only to sit at Heidelberg Station for another 50 minutes. He didn’t get home till almost 1am.

  2. oh Marita – that would totally suck! I think it’s bad enough getting home at 7.15!

  3. How long have you been traveling by train versus car? Do you think you will go back to traveling by car? I like hearing what it’s like on the train. We don’t travel by train daily here. Only on leisure trips.

  4. My partner has given up on the train as its not only quicker to drive but cheaper! A zone 1+2 weekly is around $50 but to drive for the week costs around $30. Thats with fuel at $1.29 plus the northern lines are sardine tins at peak times. I’ve never seen such dangerous over crowding in my life.

    It might be worth your sanity to drive one or two days a week, especially with fuel prices set to fall a bit.

  5. We’ve made the decision that on weekends hubby will drive to work. Most work on train lines seems to happen over the weekend.

    Also if he is doing nightshift he will probably drive also as that gives him more time to sleep during the day – important as he finds it harder to sleep then.

    I’d love to be a car free family but the public transport is just not reliable enough. And I worry what happens if we need to get the girls to a hospital quickly – ambulances and taxi’s are not always that reliable either.

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