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Accidents and Illness

A couple of weeks ago, I had a bit of an accident – I feel off the train getting out at Parliament station.  My feet decided they wanted to stay on the train when the rest of me wanted to  get off.  (It would have been hilarious had it not hurt so much – AND been very embarrassing – I had visions of the train taking off with my feet still in the carriage.)

Not only did NO-ONE assist me when I fell, but people actually stepped over me!  I just can’t believe that people can be so un-caring!

To cut this part of the story short, I ended up putting my hands out to break my fall, and I’ve ended up with a bit of broken bone in my elbow joint – which stopped me knitting for a week or two – but it seems ok now – I’ve still to see a surgeon to see about getting it removed but this shouldn’t be a big deal.  The funniest part was when I went to pat the cat a few day’s later and hurt my shoulder!!!  Ended up spending a few hours at the local hospital which is when they x-ray-ed and found the broken bone!

The second part of this story relates to a young man who collapsed on my evening train about a week later.  Most people on the train assumed he was inebriated, but he was a  young, well dressed man, and didn’t SMELL like he was intoxicated.  Nobody got up to help him either when he fell to the floor of the carriage, possibly hitting his head on the way down.  I came from about 5 rows down the carriage, checked his airway, loosened his shirt and tie etc, put him in the recovery position, took his pulse etc and I had to yell at someone repeatedly to press the emergency button to get the train to stop and advise the driver to call paramedics.

He was out for a good 20 minutes until the paramedics arrived and by this time the poor chap was snoring.  Now, having been around people with epilepsy, I know that sometimes when someone has a seizure they go to sleep afterwards, but I was just amazed at how people just assumed he was drunk or something.  I don’t know what was wrong with him, but I sincerely hope that one day when it is my child – someone comes to his aid – intoxicated or not!

When did we become so judgemental?

Oh and I’m on Ravelry finally – I’m a late starter so when I’ve figure it out – I’ll list all my stuff there 🙂 

I’m “TrainKnitterinAus



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Merry Christmas Everyone

Stay safe, take advantage of free train travel NYE after 6 pm and I’ll see you in 2009!

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So it’s come to this then…..?

Connex in all their wisdom have decided that in order to fit more people in their trains – they should take out some seats .

So in order to fit more people in – we should make people LESS comfortable and more sardine-like!  I pay for my yearly ticket in advance, in order to get to work LATE every day and stand up for the hour plus journey!

Is it just me that has problems with this?

The answer to the overcrowding problem is not removing seats!

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This is what we’re up against!

Getting to work is not only a chore these days – it’s probably one of the biggest stresses that affect me!

It seems like almost every day, trains are cancelled, broken, late, crowded (unsafely) and I am late to work, or at least not in my office at the time I want to be.

From The Age today!

Thirteen faulty trains on Melbourne network

  • Reko Rennie
  • December 10, 2008 – 7:51AM

Thirteen citybound trains across the Connex network have been cancelled, creating early morning chaos for Melbourne commuters.

– Widespread cancellations for second day running
– 15-minute delays across network
– We understand the frustration: Connex

Delays are expected of at least 15 minutes across the entire network, with the Frankston, Glen Waverley, Williamstown, Werribee and Broadmeadows lines worst hit.

Do you have photos of railway platforms packed because of this morning’s cancellations. Email us at

Connex said the cancellations – representing about five per cent of city-bound services in the morning peak – were due to faults on city-bound trains, rather than track issues.

“We’ve got residual delays across the network to 15 minutes, that will really affect the morning peak across the board, it has stabilised, so we haven’t got any other anticipated cancellations expected and it’s actually less cancellations then there were yesterday,” a Connex spokeswoman told The Age.

“Of course we understand the frustration this causes customers and we’re doing our best to make sure that we get everything moving as soon as possible.”

Connex said there did not appear to be a pattern to the train faults.

“I don’t think it’s something specific to a particular model, these faults can be anything from the windscreen wipers not working through to literally anything not working, there’s a raft of things that need to be checked before they start the trains for the day,” a Connex spokeswoman said.

“We’re not expecting the same degree of disruption as we experienced yesterday.”

Seventeen services were cancelled across the network yesterday morning.

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Train Knitting

I’m not the only one who knits on trains – I know that and in the past two weeks I’ve spied a couple of public transport knitters on my train!  On Friday there was a lovely wearable item being knitted in the round…a lovely shade of chartreuse….(that’s posh for baby-poo green!)

I stumbled across a cute story about train knitting on Berthi’s blog!  The first part of the post is in Dutch – but scroll down to the English part and read a delightful train knitting story 🙂





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Hold on to your breakfast…..(warning!)

Train Departed: 7:06 (on time!)
Train Arrived: 8:05 (due 8:03 – 2 minutes late!)
Notable Train Events: Music, People watching!
Knitting: None – no room in my overloaded bag today!!

I chatted to a friend on the train today, so didn’t knit, read or anything.  Was nice actually to have company for at least part of the journey and listen to some music for the rest! 

For those who are interested in what I listened to today – Mary Chapin Carpenter – a mish-mash of various albums loaded onto my blackberry!  I love the stories she tells….

Being Friday and a  little earlier the train wasn’t as packed today – in fact there were still empty seats when I got to my destination.  However, this is quite unusual.  There are generally about about 50-70 people standing in the carriages I am in each morning…not good (or particularly safe either!)

I blame this overcrowding wholeheartedly for the continuous ear and throat infections I get throughout the year and as a singer, I can really do without them, especially at this time of year which is probably our busiest.

This morning, a young woman boarded the train about halfway into the journey, and stood sniffling (you already KNOW my pet hate for snifflers), she was either suffering from a cold or hayfever – difficult to tell at this time of year.  All of a sudden she let out this sneeze that would have blown the end out of a sandwich bag – gale force 5 I reckon!  BUT not only did she not cover her face, she didn’t apologise for the noticeable wetness she planted on the woman seated in front of her.  OUTRAGEOUS!!!

Going to start wearing a mask….I swear.

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Hats for the homeless!

Train Departed: 7:34 (2 minutes late!)
Train Arrived: 8:36 (due 8:26 – 10 minutes late!)
Notable Train Events: Knitting!
Knitting: Voyager Lace Stole – another respectable 11 rows of my pattern!

I’m not entirely sure about what happened today.

For the first 6 or so stations, the train was much less crowded than usual.  So much so I thought perhaps it was a public holiday or something that I had forgotten!  But after the first 6 stations – it got more crowded than usual…go figure.

Listening today to Iris Dement.  *sigh* I love her oldfashioned-ness.

Anyway I managed a very respectable amount of knitting due to the lateness of the train, and I actually spied another knitter further down the carriage.  As hard as I tried, I couldn’t spot what she was knitting.  Bummer.  But I am enthused that train-knitters are seemingly growing in numbers.  I’ve spotted a few in the past few weeks! 

I have a great dream for a special craft carriage where knitters and needleworkers can craft in peace 😉  Ha ha ha!

Once I finish my Christmas knitting, I plan during the summer months to knit hats and scarves for the homeless.  I’m also going to enlist the help of my work colleagues (some of them I have to teach to knit – but it’s ok  – anyone can knit a scarf!!!)  The kids will help too! 

This should keep my knitty hands busy during the summer months!

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