Making Up Is Hard To Do!

Train Departed: 7:32
Train Arrived: 8:26 (due 8:26 – completely and utterly ON TIME – CELEBRATION!)
Notable Train Events: Making Up!!
Knitting: The Voyager Lace Stole – a very respectable 9 rows of the pattern knitted this morning!

Breaking up is hard to do sang Paul Anka (I think) but that’s not nearly as hard as making up…..taking in to account the train movements, sardine-like stacking of passengers, and the lack of a good light or a mirror.

This morning on the train, I witnessed a girl who not only had to finish dressing on the train, belt, socks, shoes, jewellery, hand cream etc, she also applied full on make up, including LIQUID EYELINER, lippie, eye shadow, the whole kit and caboodle. She also brushed her hair, tweezed her eyebrows (all completed without a mirror larger than a lipstick case), filed her nails, and finally polished her fingernails!

I am the first person to apply a little lip gloss to my parched lips and have even been known to apply a little bit of sunscreen if the sun is streaming through the windows, but I draw the line at eyebrow tweezing, hair brushing and liquid eyeliner! All I needed to see would have been her whipping out a battery-operated Emjoi-Gently and de-foresting her legs! Eeeew!

Really, perhaps she could have caught the later train, or waited until she got to the privacy of the office bathroom!  There are just somethings that commuters don’t need to see!

I do however applaud the courage of attempting liquid eyeliner application. It’s something that I can’t get right even in perfect conditions.


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