Puts a Rose in Every Cheek…

Train Departed: 7:32
Train Arrived: 8:35 (due 8:26 – 9 minutes late!)
Notable Train Events: Apres Train!
Knitting: YIPPEE! Back to my Voyager Lace Stole – 2.5 balls of 8 knitted!

While not specifically a train story, I saw something this morning which I had to share.

I am a Vegemite lover. I will eat Vegemite with just about anything….on toast under poached eggs, with cheese, in a toasted ham and cheese sandwich. I use it in stews and sauces for extra flavour; it’s a very useful condiment. However, from my experience, it doesn’t generally have value to anyone but Australians and the few mis-matched partners of Aussie expats living overseas! You really must have been brought up with it to appreciate it’s taste!  

You can learn a little bit more about vegemite history – here and find some recipes – here!!

Popped in to get my usual large, weak, flat white ($3 – bargain!) and Vegemite toast from the usual place this morning and there was a customer ordering his breakfast egg and bacon roll. Not so unusual you say, but this man (American from his accent) also ordered cheese, Vegemite AND HONEY on it. I nearly fell over. Not only is it kind of strange for an American to order anything with our beloved Vegemite, but the combination of Vegemite and honey was just downright weird….even for a Vegemite tragic like myself!

Now I know, that Canadians will have maple syrup with their pancakes and bacon and eggs, but would they go so far as to add Vegemite? I seriously doubt it. I also doubt I will ever try it….even in the sanctum of my own home where no one can bear witness!

I know, I know – where’s my “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it” spirit?


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  1. I think you need to try the maple syrup with pancakes, egg & bacon. It’s so so yummy!! But I’m not doing vegie with that.

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