To Let Go….or Not…

Train Departed: 7:32
Train Arrived: 9:14 (due 8:26 – 48 minutes late!)
Notable Train Events: Conversation!
Knitting: None – still reading – continued with “Life in 7 Mistakes” – Susan Johnson

Overheard on the train today, two early 20-ish girls talking about their weekends, hens parties (without strippers!),tiffs, tantrums and meddlesome mothers.

One of the girls had obviously recently moved out of home for the first time and was moaning to her girlfriend about her mother’s interference in her new place.

She told her friend that her mum came around to her place at the weekend and started cleaning and vacuuming, which made the daughter feel a bit put out! THEN she continued on to say that, her mum had initially come over because she had asked her mother to pick up the saucepan she burnt while cooking, so that mum could take it home and clean it for her.

So which is it to be? You want your parents’ help, or don’t you? You can’t have it both ways you know! Eventually, you will be sitting at home wishing that your mother would just pop in do the laundry and bring chicken soup – especially if you’re sick!

It got me thinking to my own mum. She of failing health and strength, who used to do so much for me and now cannot. I’d give anything for her interference now. It doesn’t matter how old we get, or how independent, our mother will always be our mother and we will always be our mother’s child. She will always want to care for us and for some mothers that will mean vacuuming, doing laundry, reminding us to budget or pay bills or bringing us chicken soup or a casserole when we’re ill.

Make the most of it. It doesn’t last forever.



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4 responses to “To Let Go….or Not…

  1. It sure doesn’t. I miss my mum, she’s up in QLD and I’m here in Vic and I wish I could see her more often. Think now I’m a mum also I realise how much it means to be a mum and I miss her even more.

  2. Loved reading your blog, so true, my daughter is around the age of the girls you were talking about. She actually asked me over to her new apartment to help her vacuum and shampoo her carpets! Of course I was glad to help her out. I try not to interfere, but wait until I am needed. Mothers bear a heavy load, don’t we?

  3. LOL – My mother would never do my housework. She doesn’t even do her own! After working for years, she is now retired and reckons she’s earned a cleaning lady. My MIL, now that’s a totally different story!

  4. I know this all too well. Whenever I was sick when Mum was alive, she was the first to come and take care of me. When all of the kids were born she would always come and take over the cooking and the laundry, all of her efforts were, and still are, greatly appreciated.

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