There’s a kind of hush…

Train Departed:  7:32 ( I was late today)
Train Arrived:  8:30 (4 minutes late – but still ontime)
Notable Train Events: Silence
Knitting:None – still reading – finished the Steve Toltz book – A Fraction of the Whole – FANTASTIC!! (not that I finished it – but the book is wonderful!)

As we passed the accident scene this morning, a notable hush decended on the carriage. It was as if passengers were mourning the woman who, until yesterday, nobody cared about. 

I was wondering to myself what circumstances led to the outcome (other than the obvious crashing through the lowered boom gate).  Was it inattentiveness – death by mobile phone?  Sun glare? Suicide?

But there was no discussion.  Not that I heard anyhow.  I found that unusual.  There is always someone who has something to say.  Always.

But today. 

Just quiet.


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