It’s worldwide!

See it doesn’t just happen here in Aus. Los Angeles has it’s fair share of train in-etiquette as well. Crazy Aunt Purl (you should read her blog – it’s hilarious!) had something to say today!

Now today’s train story….where do I begin.

Train Departed: 7:06 am (on time!)
Train Arrived at Destination: arrived?????  No such luck – it travelled BACKWARDS!
Notable Train Events: See below….
Knitting:None to report!!

Wanted to get to work early-ish today so I could leave for a physio appointment later.  Boarded my usual train, sat, pulled out my very entralling book and started to read.  Train departed on time.  Yipppee!  All looks good.

First station.  No dramas.  Still sitting on my own.  100 metres out from the first station we come to a standstill.  This is not unusual as the single line means that the train coming in must cross over with the train coming out.  This happens every day. 


We didnt’ go anywhere.



The driver tells us there has been a level crossing accident ahead.

*insert loud combined groan of all the passengers*

TIME: 7:17 – email boss to say “I might be late”

Multitude of mobile phone conversations and texts being sent and received.

TIME: 7:27– SMS from Connex saying 7:06 train cancelled.  Funny – I was sitting on that train at that very moment!  I was on a ghost train.  Wondered if I was going to end up at Hogwarts!

TIME: 7:30 – call partner, tell the story (so far).  Say I might be coming home and ask can he drive me to work in the city.

The driver tells us we must go back to stop one where buses have possibly been arranged to transport us around the level crossing accident and to the next station on the line.

*insert sigh of disbelief from passengers*

TIME: 7:43– SMS from Connex telling us trains have been suspended until further notice.

TIME: 7:49– SMS from Connex saying 7:32 train cancelled.

TIME: 7:50 – arrive back at first station.  possibly 500 people on the train and platform.  ONE BUS!

TIME: 7:56– SMS from Connex saying 7:38 train cancelled.

(funny there was no message about the brand new service at 7:19)

So my fantastic partner, drives back to the station, picks me up and says he will drive me the 55 kilometres to work, which at this time of the day takes 75-90 minutes.  We pull out of the station, drive oh about 20 metres and stop.  It takes us the next hour to get less than 1500 metres from my house.  The traffic was incredible.

I call my boss. Probably a good idea to work from home today.

One single foolish action causes such a great amount of chaos.

Police are now saying they are investigating whether the woman may have been on the phone, blinded by the sun, or incredibly, just didnt’ see the level crossing!  A level crossing is a bit hard to miss I think and it’s been there for a very long time!  Ihave no sympathy for someone who has decided that road rules do not apply to them.  I do have it though for the family left wondering “why?”.  I feel so terribly sorry for the family, who must now bury a daughter, sister, possibly a mother and wife and what for? 

Level crossings boom gates are down for a reason.  To save your life.


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