“He Annoys the Hell Out of Me”

Damon Young (That Young Philospher) has posted on a subject near and dear to my heart today!  (Be sure to read the article in The Herald Sun also!)

Incivility is something I experience every day, on the train, in the workplace AND surprisingly (or perhaps not) at home.

How did we get to this point in time where it is acceptable to refuse to stand for a pregnant woman, the elderly or disabled? When did it our private lives become the subject of public discussion? When did children stop “Doing as I say – not as I do”?

And the best question yet!!!!

When did it become ok to watch porn on your laptop on the train?

Has it become acceptable because people stopped objecting for fear of being berated (or worse)?  Hmmm perhaps I will start a one-woman crusade of objections!



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2 responses to ““He Annoys the Hell Out of Me”

  1. Hear, hear.

    I’m glad I’m not alone in my frustrations.

    (Though clearly I’m not as frustrated as Mr. Train Porn.)

    Also, I think your link to my blog’s broken! (http://damon-young.blogspot.com/)

  2. The Offsider

    Well, I have to say I do agree – train etiquette has certainly disappeared over the past years in this modern culture of ours. Everyday I battle the ‘lunge’ for the doors as big burly men and the younger generation (male and female) elbow their way past pregnant women, the elderly (and me) to ensure a seat on the train. Most times, the train has barely come to a grinding halt.

    Although, it was quite heartening to see that all is NOT lost.

    Yesterday, on my way home on the 4.56pm train (which left the station at 5.06pm), I witnessed a nice young Indian man who gave up his seat, in a crowded train, to a woman. She was not pregnant nor was she elderly or diminished in any way. It was nice to see that chivalry still exists.

    And for the women out there who manage to receive this rare show of compassison, please don’t argue. Just smile, say THANK YOU and take a seat!

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