Don’t Stand…Don’t Stand…Dont Stand So Close to Me….

Train Departed: 7:06 am (on time!)
Train Arrived at Destination: 8:07(due 8:03 – 4 minutes late – still ‘on time’ according to guidelines!!)
Notable Train Events: Laundry Issues….
Knitting: No Knitting today – bad back – physiotherapist says no knitting – so today I am reading instead – “A Fraction of the Whole” – Steve Toltz.

I’m not allowed to knit which in itself is mildly annoying, because I’m so close to finishing the jacket which is the first real ‘garment’ I’ve ever knitted!

Instead, I joined the legion of readers on the train today. I’m about two-thirds of the way through this book and I am loving every word of it! Even though it contains some of the longest sentences ever written, the style is just as it should be for the characters. I can almost hear them talking in my head. I don’t know about anyone else – but I often find myself casting the mini-series of books I enjoy.  I think Geoffrey Rush is a shoe-in for the somewhat eccentric Dad! That’s all I am saying!

So engrossed was I in my book , that I failed to notice that someone had taken up residence in the seat across from me. He was very quiet and gentle sitting down, he just slid in there without any hoo-haa at all! It wasn’t until I noticed a strange odour that I realised anyone was even sitting there!

Now I have to confess, I am a laundry numpty. I’ve been known to wash a load more than once because I forgot it was in the machine when it was done. And a few summers ago I had to treat myself to new towels because I had left them in the machine so long they went mouldy  (I know – this is a very sad reflection on my skills as a caring partner and mother!) I also don’t iron – not unless I really must in order to make the garment acceptable in public! There are far more important things to do I life than ironing! Really!

However, the guy across from me obviously had left his shirt in the machine too long, but instead of washing it again, decided it was wearable as it was and just put it on. (At this point I must share with you that it wasn’t ironed either!)

Now this was a reasonably younger person – let’s say somewhere between 18-25 – usually well renowned for being fastidiously absorbed in their own appearance – but while this was a nice-looking, clean shaven, impeccably hair do-ed (with product) kinda guy, someone somewhere needs to teach him all about the perils of smelly laundry!   It was a great shirt – and he would have ‘looked’ gorgeous if it had been ironed…and as long as you didn’t get too close.

On a great note…a truly joyous thing to see on the train today. Grandson and Grandma having a very animated conversation in Auslan!!


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