History Never Repeats….

Or does it?
One of the things I LOVE about train travel is being able to ‘people watch’ to my heart’s content! I love watching people and making up stories about what is going on with them…sometimes though, I dont have to make it up beacuse it’s quite obvious.

Several months ago I overheard a mboile phone conversation . I wasn’t eavesdropping – honest – I was wearing headphones but the girl/woman talking was quite loud.

GIRL ON PHONE: Hey has she left yet? (PAUSE) Excellent, I’m at the station now. (PAUSE) Well I’ll get off here and come over. (PAUSE) So we can shag. (PAUSE) I’ll be gone before she gets back. Laughter (and many raised eyebrows from other commuters).

Not much imagination needed here to realise what’s going on. (oh and she actually did say “SHAG”!!!!

Same girl was on the train last week, seated next to a ‘friend’.

FRIEND: I think “husband’s name” is seeing someone else.
GIRL: Oh really? Why do you think that?
FRIEND: Oh You know, just a feeling, some funny stuff happening.
GIRL: Like what?
FRIEND: He goes to Bunnings ALOT. Comes home with nothing saying they didn’t have what he needed.  I think that’s weird.
GIRL: Perhaps Bunnings doesnt have what he needed. Really!
FRIEND: He’s done it before…with a friend of mine.


The alighted at the same station.

There was more, but I felt bad for listening (as did a heap of others close by) so I turned up the volume. I found the whole conversation a little uncomfortable.

The ‘friend’ was obviously looking for support but got none.

I think THAT”S weird!

What I also think is kind of strange is that people obviously don’t care who is listening.  Or, is it that we just think that others are so engrossed in their crossword,  sudoku or knitting that what we say doesn’t register?

Over the years i’ve been privy to medication regimes, fitness programs, family squabbles, lovers’ tiffs, parental wars, you name it.  Gone are the days I think where a private life is just that…private.  Remember Mrs Jessup (The Sullivans!) who knew everything about everybody in the street?  I feel a little like her, although I don’t go purposefully looking for gossip, other commuters are quite happy to share their private lives with me, of and perhaps 150 others!

Like sands through the hourglass…





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3 responses to “History Never Repeats….

  1. Alison

    LOL – My friend overheard a convo on the bus once as they travelled away from the city.
    Person on bus: I’m at the station but I can’t see you. Where are you? Yes, I’m there. I’ll wait for you.
    I told my friend that I would’ve yelled into the phone: she’s lying!! She’s on the bloody bus!

  2. The Offsider

    Hey Alison – you should have yelled out! =)

    Well – I was the one being eavesdropped on last Friday. I had found out the night before that my recent ex had been lying and cheating on me during the entire 3 year relationship. So my girlfriends started to ring in the morning to check that I was doing OK. Unfortunately, I was on my way to work on the train. I tried my best to answer in hushed tones and minimal words. But that made my girlfriends become more concerned for me as I wasn’t my usual open self.

    They thought I was taking it hard (I wasn’t) so I ended up having to talk normally in soft tones – and the galpals kept asking me for details. So I tried to answer without advertising my life to everyone on the train – until I noticed that the few seated around me had scooted over closer and had earphones removed to listen better. One lady was even reading her newspaper upside down!

    So I ended my conversation by the 3rd caller and told the subsequent galpals to ring me later that night.

    Sometimes, we just can’t help but just have to say what we have to say in public hoping that the strangers around us are just that – strangers.

  3. The joy of mobile phones 😀

    I’ve never overheard any interesting conversations but I did once see a couple doing things in the back seat of a bus that most of us keep for the bedroom at home (or the kitchen table :grin:)

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