Quel Horreur!!!

Train Departed: 7:06 am (on time!)
Train Arrived at Destination: 8:07 (due 8:03 – 4 minutes late – almost on time!!)
Notable Train Events: Reasonably uneventful
Knitting: Grrrrrrrrr!

With many apologies to my French friends!

I had a knitty disaster today.

After five wonderful days off work, I dragged my good self out of bed early today and treated myself the the very early express train.  Settled in and opened the bag with my knitting to find I had suffered a loss like no other!


I was devastated.  An entire hour on the train with nothing for my fidgety fingers to do! 

I will have to wander through Cleggs on the way home and buy another PAIR….and then when I get home, change my knitting over to a cricular needle so as to avert any future disasters!  I like to be proactive.

Knitting suppliers….here’s a tip for you…how about selling single needles, for dufuses like me who manage to misplace ONE!

A very uneventful trip today, so I have a story from history to tell you…only later…I need coffee!


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