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No Train Rides on Sunday…

But, MOTH (Man-of-the-House) and I play a wide range of acoustic covers, from 1.30 – 5.00 pm each Sunday at La Fontaine Estate Winery in Clyde.

The wine is sensational, the Chef magics up a really incredible feast and you can spend a couple of hours on the deck listening to me (or not). A great way to spend Sunday with friends 😉

On the homepage, read the story about the vines 🙂


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Oh My Goodness!

Someone has knitted the President Elect!!!

And what’s more – you can knit him too because they’ve kindly published the pattern for free 🙂

I wonder how he will feel about being called a ‘stocking stuffer’ and will he come with his own knitted Blackberry?

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Making Up Is Hard To Do!

Train Departed: 7:32
Train Arrived: 8:26 (due 8:26 – completely and utterly ON TIME – CELEBRATION!)
Notable Train Events: Making Up!!
Knitting: The Voyager Lace Stole – a very respectable 9 rows of the pattern knitted this morning!

Breaking up is hard to do sang Paul Anka (I think) but that’s not nearly as hard as making up…..taking in to account the train movements, sardine-like stacking of passengers, and the lack of a good light or a mirror.

This morning on the train, I witnessed a girl who not only had to finish dressing on the train, belt, socks, shoes, jewellery, hand cream etc, she also applied full on make up, including LIQUID EYELINER, lippie, eye shadow, the whole kit and caboodle. She also brushed her hair, tweezed her eyebrows (all completed without a mirror larger than a lipstick case), filed her nails, and finally polished her fingernails!

I am the first person to apply a little lip gloss to my parched lips and have even been known to apply a little bit of sunscreen if the sun is streaming through the windows, but I draw the line at eyebrow tweezing, hair brushing and liquid eyeliner! All I needed to see would have been her whipping out a battery-operated Emjoi-Gently and de-foresting her legs! Eeeew!

Really, perhaps she could have caught the later train, or waited until she got to the privacy of the office bathroom!  There are just somethings that commuters don’t need to see!

I do however applaud the courage of attempting liquid eyeliner application. It’s something that I can’t get right even in perfect conditions.

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Puts a Rose in Every Cheek…

Train Departed: 7:32
Train Arrived: 8:35 (due 8:26 – 9 minutes late!)
Notable Train Events: Apres Train!
Knitting: YIPPEE! Back to my Voyager Lace Stole – 2.5 balls of 8 knitted!

While not specifically a train story, I saw something this morning which I had to share.

I am a Vegemite lover. I will eat Vegemite with just about anything….on toast under poached eggs, with cheese, in a toasted ham and cheese sandwich. I use it in stews and sauces for extra flavour; it’s a very useful condiment. However, from my experience, it doesn’t generally have value to anyone but Australians and the few mis-matched partners of Aussie expats living overseas! You really must have been brought up with it to appreciate it’s taste!  

You can learn a little bit more about vegemite history – here and find some recipes – here!!

Popped in to get my usual large, weak, flat white ($3 – bargain!) and Vegemite toast from the usual place this morning and there was a customer ordering his breakfast egg and bacon roll. Not so unusual you say, but this man (American from his accent) also ordered cheese, Vegemite AND HONEY on it. I nearly fell over. Not only is it kind of strange for an American to order anything with our beloved Vegemite, but the combination of Vegemite and honey was just downright weird….even for a Vegemite tragic like myself!

Now I know, that Canadians will have maple syrup with their pancakes and bacon and eggs, but would they go so far as to add Vegemite? I seriously doubt it. I also doubt I will ever try it….even in the sanctum of my own home where no one can bear witness!

I know, I know – where’s my “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it” spirit?

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To Let Go….or Not…

Train Departed: 7:32
Train Arrived: 9:14 (due 8:26 – 48 minutes late!)
Notable Train Events: Conversation!
Knitting: None – still reading – continued with “Life in 7 Mistakes” – Susan Johnson

Overheard on the train today, two early 20-ish girls talking about their weekends, hens parties (without strippers!),tiffs, tantrums and meddlesome mothers.

One of the girls had obviously recently moved out of home for the first time and was moaning to her girlfriend about her mother’s interference in her new place.

She told her friend that her mum came around to her place at the weekend and started cleaning and vacuuming, which made the daughter feel a bit put out! THEN she continued on to say that, her mum had initially come over because she had asked her mother to pick up the saucepan she burnt while cooking, so that mum could take it home and clean it for her.

So which is it to be? You want your parents’ help, or don’t you? You can’t have it both ways you know! Eventually, you will be sitting at home wishing that your mother would just pop in do the laundry and bring chicken soup – especially if you’re sick!

It got me thinking to my own mum. She of failing health and strength, who used to do so much for me and now cannot. I’d give anything for her interference now. It doesn’t matter how old we get, or how independent, our mother will always be our mother and we will always be our mother’s child. She will always want to care for us and for some mothers that will mean vacuuming, doing laundry, reminding us to budget or pay bills or bringing us chicken soup or a casserole when we’re ill.

Make the most of it. It doesn’t last forever.


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There’s a kind of hush…

Train Departed:  7:32 ( I was late today)
Train Arrived:  8:30 (4 minutes late – but still ontime)
Notable Train Events: Silence
Knitting:None – still reading – finished the Steve Toltz book – A Fraction of the Whole – FANTASTIC!! (not that I finished it – but the book is wonderful!)

As we passed the accident scene this morning, a notable hush decended on the carriage. It was as if passengers were mourning the woman who, until yesterday, nobody cared about. 

I was wondering to myself what circumstances led to the outcome (other than the obvious crashing through the lowered boom gate).  Was it inattentiveness – death by mobile phone?  Sun glare? Suicide?

But there was no discussion.  Not that I heard anyhow.  I found that unusual.  There is always someone who has something to say.  Always.

But today. 

Just quiet.

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It’s worldwide!

See it doesn’t just happen here in Aus. Los Angeles has it’s fair share of train in-etiquette as well. Crazy Aunt Purl (you should read her blog – it’s hilarious!) had something to say today!

Now today’s train story….where do I begin.

Train Departed: 7:06 am (on time!)
Train Arrived at Destination: arrived?????  No such luck – it travelled BACKWARDS!
Notable Train Events: See below….
Knitting:None to report!!

Wanted to get to work early-ish today so I could leave for a physio appointment later.  Boarded my usual train, sat, pulled out my very entralling book and started to read.  Train departed on time.  Yipppee!  All looks good.

First station.  No dramas.  Still sitting on my own.  100 metres out from the first station we come to a standstill.  This is not unusual as the single line means that the train coming in must cross over with the train coming out.  This happens every day. 


We didnt’ go anywhere.



The driver tells us there has been a level crossing accident ahead.

*insert loud combined groan of all the passengers*

TIME: 7:17 – email boss to say “I might be late”

Multitude of mobile phone conversations and texts being sent and received.

TIME: 7:27– SMS from Connex saying 7:06 train cancelled.  Funny – I was sitting on that train at that very moment!  I was on a ghost train.  Wondered if I was going to end up at Hogwarts!

TIME: 7:30 – call partner, tell the story (so far).  Say I might be coming home and ask can he drive me to work in the city.

The driver tells us we must go back to stop one where buses have possibly been arranged to transport us around the level crossing accident and to the next station on the line.

*insert sigh of disbelief from passengers*

TIME: 7:43– SMS from Connex telling us trains have been suspended until further notice.

TIME: 7:49– SMS from Connex saying 7:32 train cancelled.

TIME: 7:50 – arrive back at first station.  possibly 500 people on the train and platform.  ONE BUS!

TIME: 7:56– SMS from Connex saying 7:38 train cancelled.

(funny there was no message about the brand new service at 7:19)

So my fantastic partner, drives back to the station, picks me up and says he will drive me the 55 kilometres to work, which at this time of the day takes 75-90 minutes.  We pull out of the station, drive oh about 20 metres and stop.  It takes us the next hour to get less than 1500 metres from my house.  The traffic was incredible.

I call my boss. Probably a good idea to work from home today.

One single foolish action causes such a great amount of chaos.

Police are now saying they are investigating whether the woman may have been on the phone, blinded by the sun, or incredibly, just didnt’ see the level crossing!  A level crossing is a bit hard to miss I think and it’s been there for a very long time!  Ihave no sympathy for someone who has decided that road rules do not apply to them.  I do have it though for the family left wondering “why?”.  I feel so terribly sorry for the family, who must now bury a daughter, sister, possibly a mother and wife and what for? 

Level crossings boom gates are down for a reason.  To save your life.

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