Drugs, Music, and Moral Fibre!

Train Departed:  7:32 am (on time!)
Train Arrived at Destination: 8:32 (due 8:26 – 6 minutes late – not too bad!) 
Notable Train Events:  Reasonably uneventful
Knitting: Voyager Lace Stole in Rowan Kid Silk Haze in Colour 637 (1.95 balls out of 8 knitted)


Wooo hoo!  I managed a full repeat of my pattern on my morning train today.  There can only be one possible reason why that may have occurred…you guessed it…train was late..only 6 minutes (and that will only be an amber traffic light according to the new performance measures being introduced!) but enough time to squeeze in those last two rows of a ten row repeat!  This in turn means I am almost at the end of ball number 2 and my shawl weighs around 50 grams. 


Other than being late, and packed to the rafters with school children, office workers, tradies and the drug affected not much happened this morning. 


My choice of music however  Lucinda Williams – Essence…was appropriate given my close companion’s most recent past-time.  It’s a miracle that anyone can doze standing up, while listening to Slipknot at a volume which unfortunately interrupted my enjoyment of Lucinda’s melancholy warbling and the entire carriage’s morning peacetime!!  (MP3 player etiquette will be the subject of a future post!)


Lucinda is a favourite of mine.  I just treated myself to her new album – Little Honey – it’s great although I am still not real sure of her cover of “It’s a Long Way To The Top”, a very gutsy effort, but I think Aussies will not be endeared…time will tell.  It’s quite a departure for her and I think I need to put this one on the ‘big stereo’ and listen to it much louder!


It will soon be too warm to knit angora and silk shawls on the train and I will have to find something ‘cooler’ to knit.  I wanted to finish the current shawl for Christmas….this may or may not occur.



I have some gorgeous 100% Bamboo yarn that I want to knit a beaded wrap for myself and I don’t think bamboo will be quite as sticky as the angora/silk combination which will languish for attention until the aircon gets switched on at home over summer!   Bamboo is one of those new ‘sustainable’ fibres that are turning up on the market and it’s a wondrously soft, pliable yarna nd I can’t wait to try it out!  I found a great Australian website that has lots of info on sustainable fibres including bamboo…MoralFibre, please take a look!  If the bamboo towels are as soft as my yarn…I think they may make it on my Santa wish-list!



Here is an interesting article on textiles and the environment. Picking up this bamboo yarn has really made me think about the effects of my past-times ont ehenvironment.  Sad isnt’ it that it’s taken me so long to even think about it. I feel a total idiot!



If you have any experience knitting with Bamboo I’d love to hear about it.  Does it stretch?  Is it nice to wear? How does it feel on your skin? 


Please leave a comment (or two)!


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