Breakfast Club

Train Departed:  7:54 am (on time!)
Train Arrived at Destination: 8:54(due 8:50 – 4 minutes late!) 
Notable Train Events:  Consumption of Food
Knitting: Voyager Lace Stole in Rowan Kid Silk Haze in Colour 637 (1.5 balls out of 8 knitted)


For me, eating on the train is akin to taking your meals in a public toilet…yuck! There are few places I can think of that would be worse…except perhaps the senior boy’s loo at the local primary school! 


This week there has been a veritable feast going on aboard my morning train and it begs the question…what is acceptable to eat on the train/tram/other forms of public transport?


Notwithstanding the fact that eating and drinking on trains is really quite unhygienic, if it is a total impossibility to go without food until you at least reach your desk, the following is acceptable:


·         Breakfast/energy bars (there are hundreds of varieties);

·         Coffee in a travel mug;

·         gobbling down your toast and vegemite as long as you don’t crumb on me;

·         those liquid Weetbix things – (two Weetbix and milk in every little box!); and

·         Anything completely contained in a drink bottle, i.e. smoothie, diet shake, protein drink.


Unacceptable foodstuffs for train travel would include the following:


·         Cereal in a bowl, complete with spoon and milk, or those little boxes that you pour the milk straight in; think of the disaster a spillage could cause!, (The Offsider tells me she has also seen someone eating cereal from a zip lock plastic bag on her train!!! What the?)

·         Bananas. The smell is enough to make me puke and the banana-eating masses almost NEVER take their peels with them leaving them to further ripen and ferment for the afternoon train ride home (apparently there is a $167 fine for littering….wonder if anyone has ever got one?);

·         Dim sims, or those other smelly little Asian dumpling thingies; and

·         Overall anything at all that is stinky (good or bad) or has the propensity for making a big mess on the train or the other passengers!


Anything else?



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2 responses to “Breakfast Club

  1. best one I had was a woman sitting across from me on the tram peeling and eating an orange. There were messy pithy bits going everywhere and the combined smell of citrus fruit and nicotine really tested my constitution. She got off at the stop before mine and left a nice little mess for the next passenger.

    Can’t wait for the next post, this is thoroughly enjoyable!

  2. When I was suffering from bad morning sickness the only thing that could get me through trips on public transport without being ill was McDonalds chips or a cold coke. I used to feel so guilty about eating on the train / tram but figured it was better than the alternative.

    Curry is my pet hate on public transport because the smell hangs around forever… fish curry being the worst.

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